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We all love epic stories…

And this is what sneakers mean to us. Each pair can tell you the secrets of failure and success, about revolutions, and never giving up.

-Miquel Dosta. COO and Co Founder.

We’re two Spanish entrepreneurs & sneakerheads. We created Damnkicks out of passion & the increasing cultural importance of sneakers over time.

We think that sneakers are more than footwear, they’re a lifestyle, a mindset and the spokesperson for what ‘lies beneath’. They empower us in our ideals and pursuits. Damnkicks was born from self-expression & chasing dreams.

For most of us, rocking our favourite kicks could be almost a ritual, even sacred. Because it helps us remember how many times we’ve failed and tried again... "working our way around walls" and never.. ever.. giving up.

Cop the bright moments, drop the dark ones, but always with your side-kick for backup.

-Gorka Llort. CEO and Founder.

Long live Damnkicks.

Gorka Llort

CEO & Founder

Miquel Dosta

COO & Co-founder

To all sneakerheads out there!

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We want to remind you that every competition ends when the total amount of tickets has been sold. At the end of the competition, the winning position is selected by a panel of judges. Using a panel of judges ensures that nobody can ever know the original position of the ball - resulting in a process that is fair, transparent, and honest. For each game we only use basketball pictures that don't have a ball in them at all. So, participants and judges have to guess where the centre of the ball should be.

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The Enterprise Centre, University of East Anglia, Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom, NR4 7TJ

Contact: +44 20 8016 1861 [email protected]